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In this time where we live in consumers (fortunately) are increasingly considering the impact of their choices on the world, the society and themselves. Consumer can learn much more about the organizations where they buy their products and services compared to 20 years ago. Atleast one of the positive effects of this is that there is an increasing pressure on organizations to do good. This has started the transition to more open organizations and more transparency.

At Hamppy Underwear we strive for added social value. This means that we not only focus on environmentally friendly solutions, but also on people-friendly ways. Sustainability and good working conditions go hand-in-hand everywhere and at all times. What does this mean for the production process of our sustainable underwear & face masks?

Where our hemp comes from

Hemp factory

Our hemp comes from our manufacturer in China who adheres to strict (European) standards. Here the hemp is grown by our manufacturer, processed into textile fabric and finally used to make a wide range of products, including underwear and now temporarily also face masks. Our manufacturer is in charge of the entire production chain, from raw materials to products, until the products reach us. The factory and offices are very sustainable. For example, the factory and connected offices derive most of their energy from solar energy and on the hemp fields rainwater is used for irrigation.

Of course we would prefer a suitable hemp manufacturer in Europe or even the Netherlands who takes over the production process, but the fact is that China is hugely ahead in the hemp industry. The reason for this is that hemp requires specific techniques to make a good, soft textile fabric from the naturally strong hemp fibre (without the use of chemicals).

Good working conditions

We conducted research on our manufacturer because clothing factories in China are not exactly famous for their good human rights. You sometimes hear terrible stories about the inhuman working conditions in clothing factories, but fortunately there are exceptions. During our search for a manufacturer there was one that jumped out right away and eventually became our permanent manufacturer.

Our manufacturer follows strict rules to promote the health of its employees. The producer was one of the first Chineze companies to become a member of the Fair Wear Foundation (https://www.fairwear.org/): an organization dedicated to good working conditions in the garment industry, in countries where clothing is produced.

The eight labor standards of Fair Wear are:

  1. The work is carried out voluntarily (i.e. there is no forced labour)
  2. There is no discrimination in the workplace
  3. No children are exploited
  4. Employees may unite and bargain collectively
  5. Employees get paid enough
  6. There are reasonable working hours
  7. The working environment is safe and healthy
  8. There is a legally binding employment contract (i.e. a fair and legal contract)
Happy hemp field worker

In addition, European standards are followed in the factory and offices. Employees have at least one day off in the high season and work a maximum of 9 hours a day. In low season they work five days a week. Furthermore, the manufacturer ensures healthy working conditions with medical allowances, regular salary increases, vacations and medical reimbursements.

Guaranteeing good working conditions

An internal Quality Control team has been set up to ensure that good working conditions are adhered to. By carrying out thorough controls, this team ensures that all strict standards are met. Furthermore there are several multinational clothing companies that have their products made in the same factory and that subject our manufacturer to strict audits, on top of the controls already carried out by the Quality Control team.

Nobody wants to wear clothes made by people who are exploited. If you buy products at Hamppy Underwear you don't have to worry about that. Hamppy cares about human and environmentally friendly solutions.

Let Your Friends Know!

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