We are a happy hemp-based underwear brand from Amsterdam. Our mission is to make the world a healthier and happier place by creating premium underwear that is comfortable, fashionable and sustainable!

Hemp fabric is a wonderful yet underrated material. Did you know that hemp captures 4 times more CO2 than regular trees?

  • Hemp is more sustainable than commonly used natural fabrics such as cotton and bamboo
  • Hemp revives soil, uses much less water than other crops and grows extremely fast so it can be harvested multiple times a year
  • Hemp is one of the strongest natural fibre around and has anti-bacterial properties
  • Hemp reduces greenhouse gasses by storing tremendous amounts of CO2

Combine this with hemp’s great absorbency, breathability and increasing softness & smoothness after each wash, and you have the perfect fabric for your sustainable, premium underwear, while also protecting the environment.

Creating natural eco-friendly hemp underwear

Our journey started in 2019. We wanted to create fashionable and comfortable underwear that is most importantly very sustainable. With this in mind we started to look for materials not commonly used in the fashion industry. During our search we found various options. We quickly realised that hemp had great potential to meet out wishes.

Hemp fabric was rather unknown to us. When we studied this marvellous crop we were intrigued immediately. We just could not believe why hemp isn’t used more in the fashion industry. Why does the fashion industry keep using high poluting materials? From there on, we were on a mission to produce the most sustainable, premium underwear available. We came on the right track with the help of ethical manufacturers and talented designers.

Momenteel bevinden we ons in de laatste fase van het productieproces van onze eerste boxershorts en strings. De eerste modellen zullen beschikbaar zijn in een zwart minimalistisch ontwerp, met meer kleurrijke en vrolijke ontwerpen die zullen volgen. We verwachten ze in het eerste kwartaal van 2021 te lanceren!

You can already join us now! We have produced eco-friendly hemp face masks from surplus fabric. By using these re-usable face masks we keep eachother safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ethically and Sustainably