Hemp is here to stay

Our mission is to let you rethink underwear fashion. Times change and so does underwear. Hemp is wonderful to use for underwear and without a doubt the fabric of the future. Mother earth truly loves hemp cause it’s so super-sustainable and most of all durable! A Hamppy is truly build to last yet super soft and comfortable. When we heard about hemp we thought: why isn’t this being used for underwear? And there you go: Hamppy Underwear was born back in 2020. We provide you minimalistic and timeless premium underwear which look good on you in every situation! 

Over Hamppy's duurzame ondergoed en mondkapjes

Be more considerate of your choices in life.

By doing so you are essential freeing time for mindful habits. Consumption of sustainable fashion is a natural result of that. Little treasures like hemp underwear would otherwise go un-notice in this fast-moving busy world.

Wearing a Hamppy helps you being in control of your health and mind.

What’s good for you is good for our planet. What’s personally sustainable is globally sustainable. Connect consciously, be present so we can all pay attention and be more joyful!  

Designed in Amsterdam

Responsibly and sustainably produced in China